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iScribe - Your Digital Canvas for the Modern Age.

Modern digital writing device

Write naturally, retrieve digitally

Effortlessly capture your handwritten notes and drawings in real time with iScribe's Wifi | USB model. Transform your thoughts from paper to pixel with precision and ease. Pen using normal paper, normal refill


Organize and securely save your digital notes and sketches in the cloud using iScribe's Store Module. Access your creations from anywhere, ensuring nothing is lost.


Efficiently search and retrieve your digital notes, even convert your handwriting into text with iScribe's Retrieve Module. Find what you need instantly and share seamlessly.


Bridging Analog and Digital Worlds

iScribe was born from a vision to merge the tactile charm of traditional writing with the limitless possibilities of the digital age. Our journey began with a passion for innovation and a commitment to empower individuals to express themselves effortlessly in both realms. Explore our evolution from concept to creation and our unwavering dedication to redefining modern communication.

The Story of iScribe


Where Innovation Meets Productivity – Explore Our Range of Transformative Digital Tools and Solutions.

iScribe A4 Wifi Basic

Your economical Digital Notepad for Instant Connectivity and Seamless Note-Taking, Anywhere, Anytime.

iScribe A4 USB

Your Digital Notepad for Instant Connectivity and Seamless Note-Taking, Anywhere, Anytime.

iScribe A4 Wifi

Your Digital Notepad for Instant Connectivity and Seamless Note-Taking, Anywhere, Anytime.

Streamline patient records, treatment plans, and medical charting with iScribe's efficient data capture and organization features.


Enhance productivity in board meetings, conferences, and collaborative work environments with iScribe's digital notetaking capabilities.

Business and Corporate

iScribe is a valuable tool for students and educators, facilitating online teaching, note-taking, and interactive learning


Lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals can digitize handwritten notes, making case management and document organization more efficient.

Legal and Documentation

Creative professionals can sketch, draw, and illustrate seamlessly with iScribe, bridging the gap between traditional and digital artistry.

Art and Design

It’s all about a dialogue

Discover What Our Valued Customers Are Saying – It's All About the Dialogue, the iScribe Experience, and Real-World Impact.

Purely India-Made product - built quality is really good. The device is digital but its utility management gives the smooth feeling of traditional paper-pen usage during the online Teaching-Learning process. At first sight, I have gathered a very good experience of having this device for making digital notes.


(Amazon Review)

Iscribe Digital Writing Pad is a boon to any serious digital content writer, presenter and content provider .

The most compelling reason that makes the Iscribe pad really extraordinary is the editing and annotating that is possible. Any number of corrections are possible in the letters, drawings - this feature of innumerable corrections is really extraordinary.


(Amazon Review)

Best device to write and see the same in the screen and can save digitally in pdf. Even you can record in your voice, save, and playback later. You can easily get the material to share it among the students, even faculty can use it for future reference.

Everyone in the teaching profession should have this.

Indrajit. C

(Amazon Review)

Our Clients

Product Preview

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